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Thread: general help needed with installing ubuntu alongside xp

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    general help needed with installing ubuntu alongside xp

    I am so new to linux that I don't know where to start.

    I just put a new 1tb hard drive in my system. I read how to install xp and ubuntu 12. I installed xp on half the drive leaving free space for ubuntu. I installed ubuntu from a live cd. I selected the first choice for the install. I believe it said install with xp. I did so and rebooted.

    The reboot did not produce a boot menu to boot either xp or ubuntu, but went directly to xp.

    I have searched and searched for a way to repair the boot menu. I have downloaded "boot repair". I have run the program "recommended repair" It kept giving me additional "sudo" down loads. They didn't work. I tried daniel richter grub customizer.

    I downloaded the program, but can't find the program to run it. I downloaded a kde search program, but I still can't find the grub customizer.

    I want ubuntu only for web searches and e-mail.

    Is there a solution to getting a startup menu to load either xp or ubuntu?

    Please advise since I have done all of this twice with no success and about to forget using ubuntu.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Re: general help

    Is the 1tb drive the only hard drive in the machine?


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