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Thread: Check Galaxy Nexus version

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    Check Galaxy Nexus version

    Hey guys,

    I've decided I want to give the Ubuntu Phone a whirl. I own the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which I bought from eBay and it appears my device is indeed supported. My question is; should I decide to revert to Android - how do I decide which of the factory images to install? There are a few options with names such as "maguro" and "toro" which I've never come across before.

    My settings dialogue inside Android doesn't reveal anything really, other than the build number of Android. I know I'm running 4.3 and the build given is JWR66Y. Was wondering if you guys knew of a way to check which model I had so I could get the right version of Android if I needed to reinstall it.

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    Re: Check Galaxy Nexus version

    Look for the Supported Devices and Codenames heading
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