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Thread: Multi-Monitor Issues / General Display Configuration Problems

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    Multi-Monitor Issues / General Display Configuration Problems

    Hello all,

    I'm attempting my first foray into the Linux desktop world with Ubuntu 13.10. I seem to have mostly everything working but I'm having a lot of grief getting all of my monitors working and configuring them correctly.

    My third monitor does not seem to be liked by Ubuntu, I get an error message mentioning something to the effect of "Unable to apply configuration". I have a dual video card configuration, one video card has one monitor plugged into it (working), the other has two plugged into, one of which works, one of which is the problem monitor so I'm thinking its not a problem with drivers / the video card, but I may be wrong here! I use a GeForce GTX 560 TI as the primary card (2 monitors plugged in) and a GeForce GT 640 as a secondary card (1 monitor).

    In addition to the monitor problem, I'm having a lot of trouble configuring my displays. I have two of my monitors stacked on top of each other and then one on the right of these monitors in portrait orientation (this is the monitor that is not currently working). When I attempt to oriented the two working monitors on top of each other and hit apply, it seems to work for a moment and then begins to bug out with random graphical artifacts and the disappearance of my mouse cursor; this results in me rebooting the system and the configuration reverting to the default configuration.

    Can anybody provide any help or point me in the right direction to get these issues corrected? Please let me know if I can provide any other useful information, thanks in advance!

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    Re: Multi-Monitor Issues / General Display Configuration Problems

    What driver is currently being used for your graphics cards?

    I know for my desktop setup I need to run the AMD Catalyst software regarding multi-monitor support. I actually stopped using dual displays just because I didn't like how unity handles dual desktops. I've become pretty efficient in using workspaces alone at this point.
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