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Thread: Issue with ia32-lib and new Ubuntu 13.10

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    Re: Issue with ia32-lib and new Ubuntu 13.10

    For what it is worth geemac2, my Kubuntu 13.10 does NOT have any of those packages, nor anything that looks "close enough"

    I have been unable to get firestorm running at all, no matter what search results I have tried.

    edited because I forgot to paste my ldd output

    will>ldd bin/do-not-directly-run-firestorm-bin => (0xf779a000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf7711000) => not found => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf76f5000) => not found => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf7656000) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf764d000) => not found => not found => not found => not found => not found => not found => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf75f9000) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf74f5000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf746f000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/ (0xf7415000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf72e0000) => not found => not found => not found => not found => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf72dc000) => not found => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf72b2000) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf725b000) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf70ae000) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf70a9000) => not found => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf706e000) => not found => not found => not found => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6f84000) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6f41000) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6f24000) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6d70000)
    /lib/ (0xf779b000) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6d56000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6d4e000) => /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6d0d000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6cf6000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6ce3000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6cdf000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6cd8000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6cd5000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6cbd000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6cb7000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6c96000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6c8f000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6c82000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6c7e000) => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ (0xf6c77000)

    Many of the libraries listed as not found are present, but much newer. For example the libboost* oldest version I have is 1.53*

    libalut is present, not in a form that firestorm recognizes.

    lib GLOD and fmodex are not found at all, any version or architecture.
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    Re: Issue with ia32-lib and new Ubuntu 13.10

    Tried installing sopcast-player (which has the same dependency on ia32-libs) with the package provided here - no joy:

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    Re: Issue with ia32-lib and new Ubuntu 13.10

    Yes, I did everything this post said to do and I still cannot connect to the Internet. My WIFI shows that it is working but when I run FireFox nothing is happening. It takes awhile and then says it cannot connect. I hate that I have to redo it to some other Linux OS.

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    Re: Issue with ia32-lib and new Ubuntu 13.10

    marking this thread as solved is very innapropriate...
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    Re: Issue with ia32-lib and new Ubuntu 13.10

    Quote Originally Posted by dave2001 View Post
    marking this thread as solved is very inappropriate...
    Agreed. There are problems with ia32-libs on 64-bit Ubuntu probably since 12.04 and they have been a continuous source of frustration for many users. Truth is the only workarounds are manually compiling from source and removing dependencies from the config file (not always working) and getting developers to update their applications (almost impossible, it's probably a significant amount of work).

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    Angry Re: Issue with ia32-lib and new Ubuntu 13.10

    Ha, deja vu. Year after year I keep trying Linux distros just to end up at the same place. Missing libraries, missing packages and non working applications. Now this one. Seems like Linux will always be a OS for nerds or people with huge patience or time. Though I have to agree that this time the wifi card was detected from scratch. I'll reinstall a 32bit version of Ubuntu tomorrow. I just wanted to install Veetle and use a box for that.

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    Re: Issue with ia32-lib and new Ubuntu 13.10

    I have done all as described in a first post of the thread.
    As youi can see only few packages were downloaded from old repository, all other from new

    Получено:1 trusty/main gcc-4.9-base i386 4.9-20140406-0ubuntu1 [13,9 kB]
    Получено:2 trusty/main libgcc1 i386 1:4.9-20140406-0ubuntu1 [47,8 kB]
    Получено:3 raring/main libgd2-xpm i386 2.0.36~rc1~dfsg-6.1ubuntu1 [201 kB]
    Получено:4 trusty/main libc6 i386 2.19-0ubuntu6 [4.017 kB]
    Получено:5 raring/main libgphoto2-port0 i386 2.4.14-2 [43,5 kB]
    Получено:6 raring/main libgphoto2-2 i386 2.4.14-2 [970 kB]
    Получено:7 trusty/main libexpat1 i386 2.1.0-4ubuntu1 [71,4 kB]
    Получено:8 trusty/main libffi6 i386 3.1~rc1+r3.0.13-12 [14,4 kB]
    Получено:9 trusty/main libgpg-error0 i386 1.12-0.2ubuntu1 [10,9 kB]
    Получено:10 trusty/main libgcrypt11 i386 1.5.3-2ubuntu4 [237 kB]
    Получено:11 trusty/main libgdbm3 i386 1.8.3-12build1 [33,3 kB]
    Получено:12 trusty/main libp11-kit0 i386 0.20.2-2ubuntu2 [71,4 kB]
    Получено:13 trusty/main libtasn1-6 i386 3.4-3 [42,5 kB]
    Получено:14 trusty/main zlib1g i386 1:1.2.8.dfsg-1ubuntu1 [57,5 kB]
    Получено:15 trusty/main libgnutls26 i386 2.12.23-12ubuntu2 [374 kB]
    Получено:16 raring/universe ia32-libs-multiarch i386 20090808ubuntu36 [4.682 B]
    Получено:17 raring/universe ia32-libs amd64 20090808ubuntu36 [4.570 B]
    Получено:18 trusty/main libtinfo5 i386 5.9+20140118-1ubuntu1 [70,8 kB]
    Получено:19 trusty/main libreadline6 i386 6.3-4ubuntu2 [111 kB]
    Получено:20 trusty/main libsqlite3-0 i386 3.8.2-1ubuntu2 [344 kB]
    Получено:21 trusty-updates/main libssl1.0.0 i386 1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.1 [779 kB]
    Получено:22 trusty/main gcc-4.8-base i386 4.8.2-19ubuntu1 [15,5 kB]
    Получено:23 trusty/main libstdc++6 i386 4.8.2-19ubuntu1 [262 kB]
    Получено:24 trusty/main libusb-0.1-4 i386 2:0.1.12-23.3ubuntu1 [15,2 kB]
    Получено:25 trusty/main libattr1 i386 1:2.4.47-1ubuntu1 [9.414 B]
    Получено:26 trusty/main libacl1 i386 2.2.52-1 [18,1 kB]
    Получено:27 trusty/main libbz2-1.0 i386 1.0.6-5 [33,9 kB]
    Получено:28 trusty/main libcap2 i386 1:2.24-0ubuntu2 [10,8 kB]
    Получено:29 trusty/main libcomerr2 i386 1.42.9-3ubuntu1 [62,6 kB]
    Получено:30 trusty/main libdb5.3 i386 5.3.28-3ubuntu3 [651 kB]
    Получено:31 trusty/main libdbus-1-3 i386 1.6.18-0ubuntu4 [132 kB]
    Получено:32 trusty/main libdrm2 i386 2.4.52-1 [23,2 kB]
    Получено:33 trusty/main libjson-c2 i386 0.11-3ubuntu1 [24,3 kB]
    Получено:34 trusty/main liblzma5 i386 5.1.1alpha+20120614-2ubuntu2 [84,2 kB]
    Получено:35 trusty/main libncurses5 i386 5.9+20140118-1ubuntu1 [93,8 kB]
    Получено:36 trusty/main libncursesw5 i386 5.9+20140118-1ubuntu1 [122 kB]
    Получено:37 trusty/main libnih1 i386 1.0.3-4ubuntu25 [46,3 kB]
    Получено:38 trusty/main libnih-dbus1 i386 1.0.3-4ubuntu25 [13,6 kB]
    Получено:39 trusty/main libpcre3 i386 1:8.31-2ubuntu2 [140 kB]
    Получено:40 trusty/main libpng12-0 i386 1.2.50-1ubuntu2 [118 kB]
    Получено:41 trusty-updates/main libselinux1 i386 2.2.2-1ubuntu0.1 [57,5 kB]
    Получено:42 trusty/main libslang2 i386 2.2.4-15ubuntu1 [460 kB]
    Получено:43 trusty/main libcgmanager0 i386 0.24-0ubuntu5 [24,0 kB]
    Получено:44 trusty/main libudev1 i386 204-5ubuntu20 [34,3 kB]
    Получено:45 trusty/main libuuid1 i386 2.20.1-5.1ubuntu20 [11,7 kB]
    Получено:46 trusty/main libroken18-heimdal i386 1.6~git20131207+dfsg-1ubuntu1 [40,9 kB]
    Получено:47 trusty/main libasn1-8-heimdal i386 1.6~git20131207+dfsg-1ubuntu1 [169 kB]
    Получено:48 trusty/main libglib2.0-0 i386 2.40.0-2 [1.031 kB]
    Получено:49 trusty/main libdbus-glib-1-2 i386 0.100.2-1 [74,2 kB]
    Получено:50 trusty-updates/main libelf1 i386 0.158-0ubuntu5.1 [42,7 kB]
    Получено:51 trusty/main libkrb5support0 i386 1.12+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [29,8 kB]
    Получено:52 trusty/main libk5crypto3 i386 1.12+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [77,6 kB]
    Получено:53 trusty/main libkeyutils1 i386 1.5.6-1 [7.266 B]
    Получено:54 trusty/main libkrb5-3 i386 1.12+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [260 kB]
    Получено:55 trusty/main libgssapi-krb5-2 i386 1.12+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [111 kB]
    Получено:56 trusty/main libhcrypto4-heimdal i386 1.6~git20131207+dfsg-1ubuntu1 [82,3 kB]
    Получено:57 trusty/main libheimbase1-heimdal i386 1.6~git20131207+dfsg-1ubuntu1 [28,9 kB]
    Получено:58 trusty/main libwind0-heimdal i386 1.6~git20131207+dfsg-1ubuntu1 [48,2 kB]
    Получено:59 trusty/main libhx509-5-heimdal i386 1.6~git20131207+dfsg-1ubuntu1 [103 kB]
    Получено:60 trusty/main libkrb5-26-heimdal i386 1.6~git20131207+dfsg-1ubuntu1 [198 kB]
    Получено:61 trusty/main libheimntlm0-heimdal i386 1.6~git20131207+dfsg-1ubuntu1 [15,5 kB]
    Получено:62 trusty/main libgssapi3-heimdal i386 1.6~git20131207+dfsg-1ubuntu1 [89,5 kB]
    Получено:63 trusty/main libidn11 i386 1.28-1ubuntu2 [92,3 kB]
    Получено:64 trusty/main libsasl2-modules-db i386 2.1.25.dfsg1-17build1 [14,7 kB]
    Получено:65 trusty/main libsasl2-2 i386 2.1.25.dfsg1-17build1 [55,0 kB]
    Получено:66 trusty/main libldap-2.4-2 i386 2.4.31-1+nmu2ubuntu8 [150 kB]
    Получено:67 trusty/main librtmp0 i386 2.4+20121230.gitdf6c518-1 [57,2 kB]
    Получено:68 trusty/main libusb-1.0-0 i386 2:1.0.17-1ubuntu2 [39,3 kB]
    Получено:69 trusty/main libxau6 i386 1:1.0.8-1 [8.352 B]
    Получено:70 trusty/main libxdmcp6 i386 1:1.1.1-1 [13,1 kB]
    Получено:71 trusty/main libxcb1 i386 1.10-2ubuntu1 [40,6 kB]
    Получено:72 trusty/main libx11-6 i386 2:1.6.2-1ubuntu2 [557 kB]
    Получено:73 trusty/main libxext6 i386 2:1.3.2-1 [33,9 kB]
    Получено:74 trusty/main libxml2 i386 2.9.1+dfsg1-3ubuntu4 [555 kB]
    Получено:75 trusty/main libgpm2 i386 1.20.4-6.1 [16,0 kB]
    Получено:76 trusty/main libaa1 i386 1.4p5-41 [53,5 kB]
    Получено:77 trusty/main libraw1394-11 i386 2.1.0-1ubuntu1 [32,4 kB]
    Получено:78 trusty/main libavc1394-0 i386 0.5.4-2 [20,3 kB]
    Получено:79 trusty/main libcaca0 i386 0.99.beta18-1ubuntu5 [202 kB]
    Получено:80 trusty/main libfreetype6 i386 2.5.2-1ubuntu2 [300 kB]
    Получено:81 trusty/main libfontconfig1 i386 2.11.0-0ubuntu4 [123 kB]
    Получено:82 trusty/main libpixman-1-0 i386 0.30.2-2ubuntu1 [216 kB]
    Получено:83 trusty/main libxcb-render0 i386 1.10-2ubuntu1 [11,9 kB]
    Получено:84 trusty/main libxcb-shm0 i386 1.10-2ubuntu1 [5.622 B]
    Получено:85 trusty/main libxrender1 i386 1:0.9.8-1 [20,3 kB]
    Получено:86 trusty/main libcairo2 i386 1.13.0~20140204-0ubuntu1 [550 kB]
    Получено:87 trusty/main libcairo-gobject2 i386 1.13.0~20140204-0ubuntu1 [16,5 kB]
    Получено:88 trusty/main libdv4 i386 1.0.0-6 [65,2 kB]
    Получено:89 trusty/main libogg0 i386 1.3.1-1ubuntu1 [16,1 kB]
    Получено:90 trusty/main libflac8 i386 1.3.0-2 [98,1 kB]
    Получено:91 trusty/main libjpeg-turbo8 i386 1.3.0-0ubuntu2 [107 kB]
    Получено:92 trusty/main libjpeg8 i386 8c-2ubuntu8 [2.188 B]
    Получено:93 trusty/main libjasper1 i386 1.900.1-14ubuntu3 [126 kB]
    Получено:94 trusty-updates/main libjbig0 i386 2.0-2ubuntu4.1 [25,1 kB]
    Получено:95 trusty-updates/main libtiff5 i386 4.0.3-7ubuntu0.1 [142 kB]
    Получено:96 trusty/main libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 i386 2.30.7-0ubuntu1 [155 kB]
    Получено:97 trusty/main libgstreamer0.10-0 i386 0.10.36-1.2ubuntu3 [617 kB]
    Получено:98 trusty/main liborc-0.4-0 i386 1:0.4.18-1ubuntu1 [139 kB]
    Получено:99 trusty/main libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0 i386 0.10.36-1.1ubuntu2 [419 kB]
    Получено:100 trusty/main libgudev-1.0-0 i386 1:204-5ubuntu20 [13,7 kB]
    Получено:101 trusty/main libiec61883-0 i386 1.2.0-0.1ubuntu3 [24,3 kB]
    Получено:102 trusty/main libsamplerate0 i386 0.1.8-7 [938 kB]
    Получено:103 trusty/main libjack-jackd2-0 i386 [180 kB]
    Получено:104 trusty/main libspeex1 i386 1.2~rc1.1-1ubuntu1 [87,4 kB]
    Получено:105 trusty/main libtheora0 i386 1.1.1+dfsg.1-3.2 [156 kB]
    Получено:106 trusty/main libvorbis0a i386 1.3.2-1.3ubuntu1 [83,1 kB]
    Получено:107 trusty/main libshout3 i386 2.3.1-3 [39,6 kB]
    Получено:108 trusty/main libproxy1 i386 0.4.11-0ubuntu4 [55,3 kB]
    Получено:109 trusty/main glib-networking i386 2.40.0-1 [39,2 kB]
    Получено:110 trusty/main libsoup2.4-1 i386 2.44.2-1ubuntu2 [226 kB]
    Получено:111 trusty/main libsoup-gnome2.4-1 i386 2.44.2-1ubuntu2 [4.972 B]
    Получено:112 trusty/main libtag1-vanilla i386 1.9.1-2 [350 kB]
    Получено:113 trusty/main libtag1c2a i386 1.9.1-2 [11,3 kB]
    Получено:114 trusty/main libv4lconvert0 i386 1.0.1-1 [73,0 kB]
    Получено:115 trusty/main libv4l-0 i386 1.0.1-1 [36,5 kB]
    Получено:116 trusty/main libwavpack1 i386 4.70.0-1 [84,4 kB]
    Получено:117 trusty/main libxdamage1 i386 1:1.1.4-1ubuntu1 [7.406 B]
    Получено:118 trusty/main libxfixes3 i386 1:5.0.1-1ubuntu1 [11,5 kB]
    Получено:119 trusty/main libxv1 i386 2:1.0.10-1 [10,2 kB]
    Получено:120 trusty/main libcdparanoia0 i386 3.10.2+debian-11 [62,8 kB]
    Получено:121 trusty/main libvisual-0.4-0 i386 0.4.0-5 [110 kB]
    Получено:122 trusty/main libvorbisenc2 i386 1.3.2-1.3ubuntu1 [66,9 kB]
    Получено:123 trusty/main gstreamer0.10-plugins-base i386 0.10.36-1.1ubuntu2 [530 kB]
    Получено:124 trusty/main gstreamer0.10-plugins-good i386 0.10.31-3+nmu1ubuntu5 [1.344 kB]
    Получено:125 trusty/main libdatrie1 i386 0.2.8-1 [17,3 kB]
    Получено:126 trusty/main libthai0 i386 0.1.20-3 [17,1 kB]
    Получено:127 trusty/main libpango-1.0-0 i386 1.36.3-1ubuntu1 [148 kB]
    Получено:128 trusty/main libgraphite2-3 i386 1.2.4-1ubuntu1 [54,4 kB]
    Получено:129 trusty/main libharfbuzz0b i386 0.9.27-1 [125 kB]
    Получено:130 trusty/main libpangoft2-1.0-0 i386 1.36.3-1ubuntu1 [32,6 kB]
    Получено:131 trusty/main libpangocairo-1.0-0 i386 1.36.3-1ubuntu1 [20,0 kB]
    Получено:132 trusty/universe gtk2-engines-oxygen i386 1.4.5-0ubuntu1 [369 kB]
    Получено:133 trusty/main libaio1 i386 0.3.109-4 [6.578 B]
    Получено:134 trusty/main libao-common all 1.1.0-2ubuntu2 [6.278 B]
    Получено:135 trusty/main libao4 i386 1.1.0-2ubuntu2 [30,7 kB]
    Получено:136 trusty/main libasound2 i386 [324 kB]
    Получено:137 trusty/main libasyncns0 i386 0.8-4ubuntu2 [11,6 kB]
    Получено:138 trusty/main libsndfile1 i386 1.0.25-7ubuntu2 [143 kB]
    Получено:139 trusty/main libwrap0 i386 7.6.q-25 [45,8 kB]
    Получено:140 trusty/main libpulse0 i386 1:4.0-0ubuntu11 [211 kB]
    Получено:141 trusty/main libspeexdsp1 i386 1.2~rc1.1-1ubuntu1 [69,2 kB]
    Получено:142 trusty/main libasound2-plugins i386 1.0.27-2ubuntu2 [62,4 kB]
    Получено:143 trusty/main libatk1.0-0 i386 2.10.0-2ubuntu2 [49,5 kB]
    Получено:144 trusty/main libice6 i386 2:1.0.8-2 [45,9 kB]
    Получено:145 trusty/main libsm6 i386 2:1.2.1-2 [17,3 kB]
    Получено:146 trusty/main libxt6 i386 1:1.1.4-1 [176 kB]
    Получено:147 trusty/main libaudio2 i386 1.9.4-1 [57,0 kB]
    Получено:148 trusty/main libaudiofile1 i386 0.3.6-2 [115 kB]
    Получено:149 trusty/main libavahi-common-data i386 0.6.31-4ubuntu1 [21,3 kB]
    Получено:150 trusty/main libavahi-common3 i386 0.6.31-4ubuntu1 [22,2 kB]
    Получено:151 trusty/main libavahi-client3 i386 0.6.31-4ubuntu1 [24,5 kB]
    Получено:152 trusty/main libltdl7 i386 2.4.2-1.7ubuntu1 [35,2 kB]
    Получено:153 trusty/main libtdb1 i386 1.2.12-1 [38,6 kB]
    Получено:154 trusty/main libvorbisfile3 i386 1.3.2-1.3ubuntu1 [17,5 kB]
    Получено:155 trusty/main libcanberra0 i386 0.30-0ubuntu3 [35,0 kB]
    Получено:156 trusty/main libcups2 i386 1.7.2-0ubuntu1 [175 kB]
    Получено:157 trusty/main libxcomposite1 i386 1:0.4.4-1 [7.594 B]
    Получено:158 trusty/main libxcursor1 i386 1:1.1.14-1 [22,8 kB]
    Получено:159 trusty/main libxi6 i386 2: [32,0 kB]
    Получено:160 trusty/main libxinerama1 i386 2:1.1.3-1 [7.900 B]
    Получено:161 trusty/main libxrandr2 i386 2:1.4.2-1 [16,1 kB]
    Получено:162 trusty/main libgtk2.0-0 i386 2.24.23-0ubuntu1 [1.694 kB]
    Получено:163 trusty/main libcanberra-gtk0 i386 0.30-0ubuntu3 [7.584 B]
    Получено:164 trusty/main libcroco3 i386 0.6.8-2ubuntu1 [81,1 kB]
    Получено:165 trusty-updates/main libcupsfilters1 i386 1.0.52-0ubuntu1.1 [74,0 kB]
    Получено:166 trusty/main libcupsimage2 i386 1.7.2-0ubuntu1 [15,2 kB]
    Получено:167 trusty/main libcurl3 i386 7.35.0-1ubuntu2 [174 kB]
    Получено:168 trusty/main libpciaccess0 i386 0.13.2-1 [21,9 kB]
    Получено:169 trusty/main libdrm-intel1 i386 2.4.52-1 [54,2 kB]
    Получено:170 trusty/main libdrm-nouveau2 i386 2.4.52-1 [14,2 kB]
    Получено:171 trusty/main libdrm-radeon1 i386 2.4.52-1 [24,6 kB]
    Получено:172 trusty/main esound-common all 0.2.41-11 [9.558 B]
    Получено:173 trusty/main libesd0 i386 0.2.41-11 [16,3 kB]
    Получено:174 trusty/main libexif12 i386 0.6.21-1ubuntu1 [71,3 kB]
    Получено:175 trusty/universe libfluidsynth1 i386 1.1.6-2 [185 kB]
    Получено:176 trusty/main libgail18 i386 2.24.23-0ubuntu1 [13,9 kB]
    Получено:177 trusty/main libgconf-2-4 i386 3.2.6-0ubuntu2 [77,3 kB]
    Получено:178 trusty/main libxpm4 i386 1:3.5.10-1 [38,2 kB]
    Получено:179 trusty/main libvpx1 i386 1.3.0-2 [518 kB]
    Получено:180 trusty/main libgd3 i386 2.1.0-3 [142 kB]
    Получено:181 trusty/main libunistring0 i386 0.9.3-5ubuntu3 [272 kB]
    Получено:182 trusty-updates/main libgettextpo0 i386 [104 kB]
    Получено:183 trusty/main libllvm3.4 i386 1:3.4-1ubuntu3 [6.849 kB]
    Получено:184 trusty/main libgl1-mesa-dri i386 10.1.0-4ubuntu5 [4.987 kB]
    Получено:185 trusty/main libglapi-mesa i386 10.1.0-4ubuntu5 [21,4 kB]
    Получено:186 trusty/main libx11-xcb1 i386 2:1.6.2-1ubuntu2 [9.396 B]
    Получено:187 trusty/main libxcb-dri2-0 i386 1.10-2ubuntu1 [7.150 B]
    Получено:188 trusty/main libxcb-dri3-0 i386 1.10-2ubuntu1 [5.292 B]
    Получено:189 trusty/main libxcb-glx0 i386 1.10-2ubuntu1 [21,6 kB]
    Получено:190 trusty/main libxcb-present0 i386 1.10-2ubuntu1 [5.412 B]
    Получено:191 trusty/main libxcb-sync1 i386 1.10-2ubuntu1 [8.418 B]
    Получено:192 trusty/main libxshmfence1 i386 1.1-2 [4.700 B]
    Получено:193 trusty/main libxxf86vm1 i386 1:1.1.3-1 [11,8 kB]
    Получено:194 trusty/main libgl1-mesa-glx i386 10.1.0-4ubuntu5 [112 kB]
    Получено:195 trusty/main libgphoto2-port10 i386 [39,7 kB]
    Получено:196 trusty/main libgphoto2-6 i386 [710 kB]
    Получено:197 trusty/main libgstreamer1.0-0 i386 1.2.3-1 [586 kB]
    Получено:198 trusty/main libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0 i386 1.2.3-1 [430 kB]
    Получено:199 trusty/main libibus-1.0-5 i386 1.5.5-1ubuntu3 [109 kB]
    Получено:200 trusty/main libieee1284-3 i386 0.2.11-12 [23,7 kB]
    Получено:201 trusty/universe libmad0 i386 0.15.1b-8ubuntu1 [72,7 kB]
    Получено:202 trusty/universe libmikmod2 i386 3.1.16-1 [99,5 kB]
    Получено:203 trusty/universe libmpg123-0 i386 1.16.0-1ubuntu1 [114 kB]
    Получено:204 trusty-updates/main mysql-common all 5.5.37-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 [14,2 kB]
    Получено:205 trusty-updates/main libmysqlclient18 i386 5.5.37-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 [592 kB]
    Получено:206 trusty/main libnspr4 i386 2:4.10.2-1ubuntu1 [111 kB]
    Получено:207 trusty/main libnss3 i386 2:3.15.4-1ubuntu7 [1.046 kB]
    Получено:208 trusty/main libodbc1 i386 2.2.14p2-5ubuntu5 [172 kB]
    Получено:209 trusty/main libxft2 i386 2.3.1-2 [35,6 kB]
    Получено:210 trusty/main libpangoxft-1.0-0 i386 1.36.3-1ubuntu1 [14,9 kB]
    Получено:211 trusty/main libpulse-mainloop-glib0 i386 1:4.0-0ubuntu11 [11,5 kB]
    Получено:212 trusty/main libpulsedsp i386 1:4.0-0ubuntu11 [20,6 kB]
    Получено:213 trusty/main libqtcore4 i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [1.557 kB]
    Получено:214 trusty/main libqt4-xml i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [97,1 kB]
    Получено:215 trusty/main libqtdbus4 i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [182 kB]
    Получено:216 trusty/main libqt4-network i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [551 kB]
    Получено:217 trusty/main libqt4-script i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [793 kB]
    Получено:218 trusty/main libqt4-sql i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [98,5 kB]
    Получено:219 trusty/main libqt4-xmlpatterns i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [1.022 kB]
    Получено:220 trusty/main libqtgui4 i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [4.185 kB]
    Получено:221 trusty/main libqt4-declarative i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [1.081 kB]
    Получено:222 trusty/main libqt4-designer i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [3.613 kB]
    Получено:223 trusty/main libqt4-opengl i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [300 kB]
    Получено:224 trusty/main libqt4-qt3support i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [1.040 kB]
    Получено:225 trusty/main libqt4-scripttools i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [225 kB]
    Получено:226 trusty/main libqt4-sql-mysql i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [30,3 kB]
    Получено:227 trusty/main libqt4-svg i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [137 kB]
    Получено:228 trusty/main libqt4-test i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [60,5 kB]
    Получено:229 trusty/main libxslt1.1 i386 1.1.28-2build1 [140 kB]
    Получено:230 trusty/main libqtwebkit4 i386 2.3.2-0ubuntu7 [8.989 kB]
    Получено:231 trusty/main librsvg2-2 i386 2.40.2-1 [90,0 kB]
    Получено:232 trusty/main libsane i386 1.0.23-3ubuntu3 [1.858 kB]
    Получено:233 trusty/main libsdl1.2debian i386 1.2.15-8ubuntu1 [166 kB]
    Получено:234 trusty/main libwebp5 i386 0.4.0-4 [133 kB]
    Получено:235 trusty/universe libsdl-image1.2 i386 1.2.12-5build2 [27,5 kB]
    Получено:236 trusty/universe libsdl-mixer1.2 i386 1.2.12-10 [71,8 kB]
    Получено:237 trusty/universe libsdl-net1.2 i386 1.2.8-4 [11,7 kB]
    Получено:238 trusty/universe libsdl-ttf2.0-0 i386 2.0.11-3 [14,9 kB]
    Получено:239 trusty/main libsecret-1-0 i386 0.16-0ubuntu1 [86,9 kB]
    Получено:240 trusty/universe libssl0.9.8 i386 0.9.8o-7ubuntu3.1 [868 kB]
    Получено:241 trusty/universe libstdc++5 i386 1:3.3.6-25ubuntu4 [259 kB]
    Получено:242 trusty/main libxmu6 i386 2:1.1.1-1 [52,9 kB]
    Получено:243 trusty/main libxaw7 i386 2:1.0.12-1 [164 kB]
    Получено:244 trusty/main libxp6 i386 1:1.0.2-1ubuntu1 [15,5 kB]
    Получено:245 trusty/main libxss1 i386 1:1.2.2-1 [8.566 B]
    Получено:246 trusty/main libxtst6 i386 2:1.2.2-1 [13,8 kB]
    Получено:247 trusty/main odbcinst amd64 2.2.14p2-5ubuntu5 [12,6 kB]
    Получено:248 trusty/main odbcinst1debian2 amd64 2.2.14p2-5ubuntu5 [40,6 kB]
    Получено:249 trusty/main odbcinst1debian2 i386 2.2.14p2-5ubuntu5 [39,6 kB]
    Получено:250 trusty/main xaw3dg i386 1.5+E-18.2 [173 kB]
    Получено:251 trusty/universe libcapi20-3 i386 1:3.25+dfsg1-3.3ubuntu2 [31,9 kB]
    Получено:252 trusty/main libglu1-mesa i386 9.0.0-2 [195 kB]
    Получено:253 trusty/universe libopenal1 i386 1:1.14-4ubuntu1 [180 kB]
    Получено:254 trusty/main libpangox-1.0-0 i386 0.0.2-4ubuntu1 [40,8 kB]
    Получено:255 trusty/main libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0 i386 0~git20131104-1.1 [48,1 kB]
    Получено:256 trusty/main libsasl2-modules i386 2.1.25.dfsg1-17build1 [59,3 kB]
    Получено:257 trusty/main bluez-alsa i386 4.101-0ubuntu13 [80,4 kB]
    Получено:258 trusty/main gstreamer0.10-x i386 0.10.36-1.1ubuntu2 [57,7 kB]
    Получено:259 trusty/main gtk2-engines i386 1:2.20.2-3ubuntu1 [208 kB]
    Получено:260 trusty/main libpango1.0-0 i386 1.36.3-1ubuntu1 [3.476 B]
    Получено:261 trusty/main gtk2-engines-murrine i386 0.98.2-0ubuntu2 [105 kB]
    Получено:262 trusty/universe gtk2-engines-pixbuf i386 2.24.23-0ubuntu1 [17,8 kB]
    Получено:263 trusty/main gvfs-libs i386 1.20.1-1ubuntu1 [103 kB]
    Получено:264 trusty/main gvfs i386 1.20.1-1ubuntu1 [89,4 kB]
    Получено:265 trusty/main ibus-gtk i386 1.5.5-1ubuntu3 [13,0 kB]
    Получено:266 trusty/main libcanberra-gtk-module i386 0.30-0ubuntu3 [8.868 B]
    Получено:267 trusty/main libgail-common i386 2.24.23-0ubuntu1 [112 kB]
    Получено:268 trusty/main libqt4-dbus i386 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4 [6.432 B]
    Получено:269 trusty/main librsvg2-common i386 2.40.2-1 [4.962 B]
    Получено:270 trusty/main libvisual-0.4-plugins i386 0.4.0.dfsg.1-7build1 [126 kB]

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    Re: Issue with ia32-lib and new Ubuntu 13.10

    Not sure who marked this solved, but I am now marking it solved.
    Thanks to all that responded to this old issue.


    OK.... It's been quite some time after I made the original post almost one year ago, short a month.
    Here is just a short update...

    At the time of the original post we were all scratching our heads with the issues with newley released 3.10 Ubuntu.
    As of late this seems not to be an issue running Firestorm viewer for Second life under Linux. There have been many Firestorm updates and Ubuntu updates since this post. Apparently Multiarch is now part of Trusty 14.04.
    I haven't tried 13.10 since the release Trusty 14.04 release so I am not sure if there has been an update for 13.10 with Multiarch.
    Those of you that are still having issues with Firestorm viewer, you can check here for more information There is a good staff of support people that are well versed in Linux.

    Thanks Again all
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    Re: Issue with ia32-lib and new Ubuntu 13.10

    geemac2; Thanks

    For returning and providing your update. All to the good.

    it's 'buntu
    all for 1 and one for all
    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !

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