Hello Everyone,

I have been using Ubuntu as my primary OS for 1 year now
I am running Ubuntu 13.04 with Cinnamon 2.0.

I like to use Evolution 3.6.4 as my mail client for gmail (as I dont like Thunderbird), however it keeps crashing on my randomly.
I have tried re-installing it, I have also tried manually installing the latest version from their website (but that caused many problems and I had to re-image my machine).
Today I tried running Evolution from terminal to see if i could get any errors listed, and aside from the few complaining about GTK themes I saw this error:

***MEMORY-ERROR***: evolution[5188]: GSlice: assertion failed: sinfo->n_allocated > 0
Aborted (core dumped)

Does anyone know how I can fix this?
Or even does anyone know of another email client similar to Evolution, which has IMAP and Calendar support for Gmail, which isnt Thunderbird, is not terminal based, and isnt simply a watcher which opens the gmail website?

Thanks in advance,