My brothers girl, has a Dell inspiron w/ win7 and 4 gig ram. It was really clogged up and I thought the HDD was bad to. I told her, just to show her something new, that I was going to format the drive and install Ubuntu 12.04 on it, and she said do it. I did and she loves it! Like I knew she would. A couple weeks later the Hdd did crash. I installed a ssd hdd along with Ubuntu 13.10. The first installation done great! It even fixed the Broadcom issue right off the bat! Wireless was working right away! Then it crashed. Not Ubuntu's fault or installation problem. This was an overheating problem in which a cooling pad fixed. I re-installed 2 times. Now the broadcom issue is an issue again.I could'nt get it to work again. I just gave her a usb wi-fi antenna in which has no problems. I just wonder why the Broadcom worked 1 time and quit. Besides the Broadcom prob everything works great! Hail to the guys that put "sausy" out here!