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Thread: Update vs. reinstall

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    Update vs. reinstall

    13.10 has arrived. In the past (prior to using a System76 machine) I always did a fresh install when upgrading. Now, with my panp9 I have a hybrid drive and am wondering about what is best - upgrade or do the re-install. If I go with reinstall how do I handle the hybrid drive, are there instructions somewhere for using the ssd portion efficiently?

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    Re: Update vs. reinstall

    The hybrid drive is always handled automatically; there's no OS- or user-level access to it.

    You can do either an upgrade or a reinstall, which ever you prefer. Reinstalls are faster and guaranteed to leave you with a working system afterwards. That said, they don't always restore your user-installed applications. Upgrades are less stable, but they do preserve (most) of your applications.
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