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Thread: sending email wont work

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    sending email wont work

    well here it is, im running raspbian on a raspberry pi, i have Apache2 set up and hosting a website from the Pi,, i have citadel installed and set up, and i can recieve email at the email support(at), but i am unable to send mail. When trying to send mail, i get the following error message back ****** : DNS server returned answer with no data

    What do i have to do in order to be able to send outgoing mail.

    So i posted this from a another account because i couldnt get onto this account, and i posted on the other account that i wanted that post deleted, then i get a message on this account (after posting the thread from this account) that a moderator has deleted the post from this thread.

    so please dont delete it again
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    Re: sending email wont work

    Thread moved to Other OS/Distro Support.

    For the first part, you might also want to post in a Debian or RPi forum about that.

    As for the second part, you might want to post in Resolutions to sort all that out.
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