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Thread: Bug: "configuring bcmwl-kernel-source" during install

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    Exclamation Bug: "configuring bcmwl-kernel-source" during install

    i am trying to install Ubuntu 13.10.
    system specs.

    3.0 GHZ processor 2.0 MB cache
    1 GB DDR2 RAM
    128 VRAM
    2 HDD'S 40 GB AND 80 GB

    it keeps getting stuck at "configuring bcmwl-kernel-source" i found out that it is the wireless driver package
    but i am using a desktop that does not have a wireless adapter. i am trying to skip the process by clicking ALT+CTR;+F2 but it does not do anything. the installation did not freeze. but its not skipping or doing anything.
    what should i do?

    been trying to install it for about a total of 20 hours.
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    Re: please help!


    Unfortunately you have struck a bug, not a very good way to start your experience with ubuntu

    Looking around I can only recommend you try Linux Mint or another distro to see if that works instead
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    Re: please help!

    I was running 12.10 and thought that it would be a good idea to install 13.10,. Wrong! It was so buggy that I have gone back to 12.04 which is a stable LTS release.
    Sometimes cutting edge is good but if it's your primary computer you need stability to get work done.
    I could have configured dual boot but it seemed to be too much hassle.

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    Re: Bug: "configuring bcmwl-kernel-source" during install

    You could try a minimal install of Lubuntu 13.10.

    When it works you can add additional packages to get to the standard Ubuntu desktop.
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