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Thread: Keyboard without 'windows' on the super key

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    Keyboard without 'windows' on the super key

    Been having a look recently at a new keyboard, I'm after a small one... but to be honest that's not what I am here about!

    I have seen that you can buy keyboards with a little tux instead of the windows key or you can buy stickers to go over the windows key, Now I'm an Ubuntu user of course but to be honest I don't want the Ubuntu badge sticker either!

    preferably I would like some text that actually said 'Super'

    So that you would have it like this

    | Ctrl | Super | Alt |

    I may be being a little ocd but I have googled far and wide and I cannot for the life of me find anywhere that sells them (stickers or pre-made keyboards!)

    Anybody every seen such a sticker/keyboard?

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    Re: That damned 'windows' key

    If you have a bit of cash to throw at this problem you have a few options...

    You can get a whole custom designed keyboard (the coolest option):

    Or you can get a custom "stickers" made for your keyboard (you'd have to contact the vendor and request what you want, and probably buy in bulk or pay a premium price):

    Or print your own design on a blank sticker (cheesy, but cheap):

    Personally, I would probably just use a black magic marker to cover up the windows key and paint a white "SUPER" on the key.
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