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Thread: Netstat showing over 1000 connections

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    Netstat showing over 1000 connections

    Hi I'm new to Ubuntu having installed ubuntu desktop and server about 2 months ago. I share an internet connection with my flatmate and recently we noticed the internet getting slower and slower. After several conversations with our provider, we were asked to open a terminal and enter 'netstat'.
    My flatmates mac showed about 7 connections, mine shows over a thousand.
    What are these connections and how do I close them?
    A small sample:
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 17231 /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 16519
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 844049
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 15121
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 13626
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 9607
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 15562 @/tmp/dbus-JSFxppUo13
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 14982
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 14178 @/tmp/dbus-JSFxppUo13
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 15151
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 799531
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 14987
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 13612
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 11749 @/tmp/.X11-unix/X0
    unix 3 [ ] STREAM CONNECTED 15216 @/dbus-vfs-daemon/socket-5DMXBIdy

    As far as I'm aware, i'm not streaming anything and only use my browser. Apache is running but it makes no difference if I shut down apache.
    I mainly use this as a desktop pc.
    I installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    How can I find out what these connections are and more importantly, how can I close them? I have run a virus scan and quite a lot showed up, but they've all been deleted now. Can anyone help?

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    Re: Netstat showing over 1000 connections

    Netcat isn't showing you just connections over the internet, they're mostly internal connections within the operating system.

    To see just the internet connections, use command

    netstat -tcp
    Then netcat will display the current internet commands. It'll keep scrolling, showing connections that it's already displayed. It will show you the IP address of the servers you're connecting to, the status of that connection, and the program that has made the connection. Hit Ctrl-C to stop the display.
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    Re: Netstat showing over 1000 connections

    Thanks very much! At least I now know it's not my pc causing the problem, thanks again.

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