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Thread: Can't boot to cd with UEFI on?

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    Question Can't boot to cd with UEFI on?

    I can't seem to press F12 to boot while UEFI is enabled. SecureBoot is disabled, the option to use F12 is enabled, but it doesn't work. Unless I disable UEFI. Trying to install Ubuntu 13.04.

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    Re: Can't boot to cd with UEFI on?

    Every vendor seems to do UEFI a bit different even thought it supposed to be a standard.

    I would try a flash drive.

    A few systems have to install in BIOS mode and then use Boot-Repair to convert to UEFI.

    What system it this? And what video card/chip?

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    Re: Can't boot to cd with UEFI on?

    In Windows, make sure "fast boot" is disabled. You then get more time to type function keys at bootup. Without fast boot, 6 seconds to vendor splash screen, then I type F12 and it works. With fast boot, splash screen come up in 3 seconds, but then F12 doesn't work. Repeatedly typeing F12 right after power-up may work half the time.


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