upgraded 13.04 to 13.10
after upgrade:
Libreoffice crash with kernel: [ 1469.821496] traps: soffice.bin[4128] general protection ip:7f4c8c2fd970 sp:7fff70510700 error:0 in libmergedlo.so[7f4c89ee8000+3111000]
This occurs anytime a menu is selected in the global menu bar.
When starting any libreoffice application, am presented with the recovery dialog, then starts and loads ok. the instant you select a menu item, crash.
Libreoffice is unusable now.
Also worth noting. the logout, restart and shutdown selections in the system global menu do nothing now.
running 13.10 64 bit, intel motherboard with onboard graphics (intel sandybridge desktop).
prior to upgrade (on 13.04) i was running the intel-linux-graphics. The system was running great.
i do not see any indication of the intel-linux-graphics after the upgrade. maybe some remnants are still there....
any suggestions would be welcome........