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Thread: Importing Tomboy exported (HTML) notes

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    Importing Tomboy exported (HTML) notes

    Hello fellow Ubuntuistas!

    Short version; can I import "exported to html" Tomboy notes back into Tomboy on a fresh Ubuntu 13.10 install?

    Long version: I did a really stupid thing, and only backed up my home folder before doing a clean install of Ubuntu 13.10 a couple of days ago.

    Luckily, just before I wiped the disk, I had exported all my Tomboy notes using the only option available; "Export all notes to HTML" - phew. (the sync I had set up, to Ubuntu One, obviously stopped working some 8 months ago). The .note files in the old ~/.local/share/tomboy folder is history, though, sadly.

    I wondered at the time about the lack of import options, but was in a hurry

    Is there any way I can get the exported html files back into Tomboy? I'll do each note manually if not (130 of them), but thought I'd check if any of you knew of an automatic way first.


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    Re: Importing Tomboy exported (HTML) notes

    I switched to zim because of the lack of import into Tomboy. Manual cut & paste may be your only option. And if you are going to do that, you might as well use zim and use the Insert-->Text from File. No automated way to do this either, but at least the html formatting is preserved.

    I like zim's flat file layout instead of hundreds of sticky notes. I use a Rule of 12: 12 categories and no more than 12 notes in each. That leaves you 144 notes. (Some you can combine.)

    There is also nixnote which links to evernote if you need your notes available on your phone.
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    Re: Importing Tomboy exported (HTML) notes

    Earache, my eye.

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