I'm just about to develop the Linux part of the ranking system for my forum but before I do I just want to confirm the Linux (or at least Ubuntu) community agrees with my ranking system. Basically it has 3 levels of "difficulty" starting you in beginner moving to intermediate and finishing in advanced. Within each category are 4 distros which are supposed to become progressively more advanced to run out of the box and use on a daily basis for new users.

Here's a little preview of what what the ranking system looks like. Please note that there are rank titles stating the various OS version (e.g. Ubuntu 11.04) you are at that appear above these images but you wont see this in the image since the rank name is included separately on the forum. Also Ignore the Window/Mac Expert thing below the Ubuntu rank. It's just showing that you completed previous phases.

Here's how I have ranked the Distros in difficulty level based on research.

- Ubuntu
- Linux Mint
- PinguyOS
- Puppy Linux

- Debian
- Fedora
- TinyCore Linux (or should I have CentOS here instead?)
- Slackware

- Arch Linux
- Kali Linux
- Gentoo
- Linux From Scratch

Do you agree with this? Should I make any adjustments? Could this be improved? Give me your opinions