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Thread: It's Been Awhile

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    It's Been Awhile

    It's been a few years since Ubuntu was my desktop O/S. A few years back I switched to Mint because of the Unity debackle and then the last year or so running
    Windows 8. First impressions are good. Seems to be alot snappier and the interface although cinnamon seems to be more refined although HDMI has probably
    got something to do with that. Windows had a differcult time with my video card but Ubuntu found it right away.
    Adding the printer was painless but haven't explored the software centre yet to see what's available. Was never really any good
    at the 'Terminal' thing so hopefully that's improved. I think the only real stumbling block for me will be replacing dreamweaver. Used Libre office Thunderbird
    and Gimp in Windows so no learning curve there. Other than that it looks good.....Nice to be back!
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    Re: It's Been Awhile

    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfax1 View Post
    I think the only real stumbling block for me will be replacing dreamweaver.
    I remember dreamweaver! I used Dreamweaver 2004 as my website building program of choice, and when I moved to linux I was heavily critical of the lack of dreamweaver replacement, I felt all the replacements were somewhere between 'god awful' to 'did not run'.

    I went a while without touching web design but Sublime Text has to be the biggest coding revival for me, I used Geany for a while, but Sublime Text is just pure pleasure to code with.

    I highly recommend looking into coding using Sublime Text and checking out for guidance!
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    Re: It's Been Awhile

    If you install a content management system like, you spend less time coding and more time styling and adding content.
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