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Thread: wifi will not connect

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    wifi will not connect

    I've done some looking and none of the ideas have worked. I've tried turning on and off the wireless, and when I try:

    Sudo iwconfig wlan0 channel 03

    I get device or recourcse busy.

    So I've tried the command with networking off, same deal.

    I want to change channels because every other device in the house seems to connect to the network just fine, except my lubuntu machine. My ubuntu machine, windows 8 machine and android devices work just fine.

    Sensativity is forced auto on my card so I cannon set sens...

    Thanks guys!


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    Re: wifi problem, channel change problem.

    Hi,, the channel selection/setting is done at the router.
    Not the wlan0 settings. Your other machines will auto/adjust
    to the channel change. Generally chan 1 or 11 seem to work best
    with Ubuntu, and also set to wpa2. Hope that helps.
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    Re: wifi problem, channel change problem.

    Well its not a channel change problem I've discovered as my ubuntu (12.04) machine works fine in the same place, same with my android device.

    This is exactly what happens:

    -I boot the machine up
    -it connects to the network for about a minute
    -it all of a sudden seems to not find the network, even though the machine right next to it shows full strength along with previously showing full strength on my "problem" system.

    Lshw -C network shows:

    Description:wireless interface
    Product: RT3290 wireless 802.11 1T/1R PCIe
    Vendor: Ralink corp.
    Physical I'd: 0
    Bus info: PCI@0000:02:0.0
    Logical name: WLAN0
    Version: 00
    Serial: f4:b7:e2:32:9
    Width: 32 bits
    Clock: 33mhz
    Capabilities: bus_master cap_list Ethernet physical wireless
    Configuration: broadcast=yes driver=rt2800pci driverversion~3.11.0-12-generic firmware=0.37 latency=0 link=no multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11bgn
    Recources: irq:53 memory:f0210000-f021ffff

    Sorry if that doesn't make sense. I had to take type it from my phone as well I'm or able to connect with the machine right now lol

    Help would be fantastic

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    Re: wifi problem, channel change problem.

    new update!

    the wifi seems to stay connected until I use it. When I use firefox it automaticly disconnects, but if I dont use the internet, it stays connected, until in use.

    this happens about one boot per day. other than that, it auto disconnects.


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    Re: wifi will not connect

    Bump after a title change.


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