Hi everyone

I'm new in the ubuntu studio scene, and I've been loving every second of the experience so far. However I'm having an issue trying to use my soundblaster x-fi 5.1 over alsa using the 64bit - low latency version.

over pulse audio is working just fine.

I pretend to use this system to record music, combining a vox tonelab valvetronix multieffect console connected thru usb, I can see it works right now on the mixer, no problem with that so far, but no sound over alsa

I can see that the system recognizes the card as a usb-audio but only gives me option to turn the led on and off... no other services.

I already tried to do what http://www.alsa-project.org/main/ind...dule-usb-audio says, but no luck

can you help me or point me out to a more user friendly way to set this up?

I appreciate your help