Question: Gnome allows you to enable changes to application shortcut keys for those applications that support it (e.g Evolution). Is there a way of enabling this feature in Unity on Ubuntu 12.04?

Back story: A while back I was finally forced into upgrading my PC to 12.04. I decided that I would try getting use to Unity rather than just replacing it with Gnome, like I used before. Although there are somethings I dislike now that I am use to it, I cannot be bothered with the hassle of changing again. However, one thing I was able to change whilst using Gnome, was the shortcut key for send in Evolution. As I quite regularly copy and paste things between emails, I will press Ctrl+C move to by new email window and then just before pressing Ctrl+C I will realise I need a new line. Poor co-ordination on my part means I end up pressing Ctrl+Enter and send the email. When I was running Ubuntu 10.10, I was able to change Gnome settings to allow me to change my shortcut keys in Evolution. When I upgraded to 12.04 and Unity to this shortcut key change was reverted and the ability to changed shortcut keys disabled. How can I turn this back on in Unity?