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Thread: Autopackage - what am I doing wrong?

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    Autopackage - what am I doing wrong?


    One of the things that more puzzle me with Linux is the package install. Till now I have used commands from terminal that I just copy-and-paste from somewhere and it has worked. However I confess that I don't feel too comfortable just pasting a crazy long command into my terminal. Anyway...

    Today I downloaded for the first time an 'autopackage' (Xara LX 0.7). Not knowing exactly what was an 'autopackage' (but able to suppose what it does) I made some research and confirmed that it was what I thought: a package installer (such as Windows MSI?).

    I have read that Autopackage should be part of my Ubuntu 12.10 distro, but it is not there. Anywhere.

    The autopackage from Xara just show up as a generic file (script shell type) at my downloads folder and if I click twice over that will only open in a text editor. Definitively it is not right. I tried to find Autopackage app to download and install on my Ubuntu but couldn't find it anywhere.

    What is the trick here?


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    Re: Autopackage - what am I doing wrong?

    Xara is already in the repos

    You should be able to find it in the software center - or if it cant be found, run
    sudo apt-get install xaralx
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