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    WOW, this game is actually a lot of fun! I am playing it on my 1.8Ghz C2D with only 2GB RAM and an Nvidia 8400GS and it works right out of the box with my xbox 360 controller. I forget how much I paid for it but I got in a humble bundle I believe and it was so worth whatever I paid. I had it for a long time but just never played it until I tried it just now and am loving it.

    PS I have a youtube channel I do gameplay commentaries on and what not but sadly my machine isn't powerful enough to play it in 1280x720 windowed mode AND record it using Kazam so I can't do a let's play but I'd love ti. #sadface

    If you haven't picked up this linux title I strongly suggest it!

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    Re: Bastion

    Supergiant Games did an amazing job on Bastion; and their next game, called Transistor, is due out in 2014.

    Seems to have a lot of the same feel as Bastion, but hot-damn, I'm totally okay with that!
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