Here's the brief of it.
I need to set the fan of my laptop to run at full speed when I want.

The less brief is this:
My laptop is old, and I use lm_sensors to keep tabs on CPU temperature as on rare occasion the computer overheats.
The model of the laptop is Toshiba Satellite A205-s4597
The fan runs, and adjusts itself automatically without too much trouble, however I'd like to just set it to "100% power" when I'm doing anything processor intensive to ensure it is far less likely to overheat and crash because rarely the fan does NOT rev up all the way before it's too late.
I can't control my fan speed so far as I have tried.
I've installed lm_sensors and when I run the command "sensors" in the terminal it gives me temperature sensors, but no fan speed.
If lm_sensors doesn't detect fan speed, is there any other way to control it?
Clearly the fan is there, and it works. Worst case scenario I dont mind using a script that will set the fan to 100% speed at all times.

I'm fairly tech savy but I'm new to command line so please spell things out.