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Thread: TP-Link WN821N - Realtec 8192CU

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    Angry TP-Link WN821N - Realtec 8192CU

    I just bought this network adapter since it was recommended to work with Ubuntu. I had the smaller, and newer nail sized one - that needed self-compiled drivers (8188EU), but wasn't happy with the reception and speed of that one (and the fact that I had to recompile with every kernel upgrade).

    So after blacklisting the 8188EU drivers, and reactivating the native Ubuntu drivers (rtl8192cu), the TP-Link TW821N can only connect to none-n networks!
    And that kind of breaks the point for me getting this (regarding speeds and that my home network is n only).

    So what the hekk? Aren't there any decent network adapters out there for Ubuntu? This is so freaking annoying for a os that's supposed to be easy as a breeze... And googleing this reveals that the issues are OLD! There are debs that no longer function with 13.10 and install scripts to install proprietary drivers from realtek that doesn't work no more either.

    EDIT: Actually my network is bgn. But the adapter will only connect to my older guest-network.
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    Re: TP-Link WN821N - Realtec 8192CU

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    Re: TP-Link WN821N - Realtec 8192CU

    Thanks for the quick response Sef, you were really quick !

    @ olavjunior,

    Please follow the "Wireless Script" link in my signature, download and run the script as per instructions there, and post back the report it generates. And make sure you are using the same USB adapter for connecting while running the script.

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