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    Linux today (Ubuntu)

    My first Unix system was on a DEC PDP11/04 in 1976. In the early '80 I became a DOS nerd, then followed into the Win 3, 95, XP, Vista(hell) and finally 7. I will not be using Win8. Yes, I am a FOM (fat old man) who is not interested in being abused by software developers.

    Since the GNU/Linux releases in the early '90, I have stuck my head into the Linux environment every couple of years to see how it is coming along. Since I bought a laptop with Win Vista on it, this has become a serious quest for a functional replacement for my desktop environment. After living through the abuse Microsoft heaped on its users with Vista. I have decided not to purchase any Microsoft products if there is a viable alternative. Since I am not independently wealthy and cannot afford the short life apple products, I really want another solution.

    I just installed a dual boot Win7 / Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS. I am very happy to say that this exercise was much less painful than my previous forays into the Linux world. Let me give a shout-out to all those that have put so much time and effort into this product. There are some strange 'look and feel' issues and it still has hardware interface issues, but damn it is a nice looking product. Further, the interface is pretty simple for anyone familiar with modern GUI standards.

    The real star in my book is Application Installer. Since I have probably forgot more unix command line syntax, permissions and rules than I ever really knew, utilities like the Application Installer and Dash bring this system closer to something that I would install on my elderly mother's PC. That is the real acid test for me - Could mom use it.

    I am going to dual boot with 12.04 for a few weeks then will look at upgrading to 13.10. The one area that I am concerned with is the web development tools that are available since I have been a Flash/Dreamweaver/Fireworks person since the early days of Macromedia.

    Once again good work people and keep it up.

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