Up until a week or two ago I would have agreed with you if you were commenting on the running of the Live Session or the working of the Installer. I see the live session/installer as a separate entity to the version of Ubuntu under development. In the past some of us have made comments about the live session/installer. The thing that has given me a bad live session/installer experience in recent weeks was the Ubuntu One login.

I have a better opinion of the distribution called Saucy Salamander than you do and I have been using it as a normal working OS since the beginning of the development cycle all those weeks ago. That makes me more informed about Ubuntu 13.10 than you.

Why are you expecting beta software to be perfect? Yet you do not advise people to avoid installing beta software but to avoid installing the released version of the software, which you have not yet tested. Nobody has yet installed Ubuntu 13.10 (released). I cannot consider you as an unbiased expert.

Ubuntu is not a distribution for Linux gurus, such as yourself. It has been from the beginning a distribution for humans. I can understand why the developers think that humans would not have a need to edit system scripts. They don't.

Ubuntu 13.04 does not have gksu installed by default. I have not noticed very many people posting on Ubuntu forums wondering why gksudo gedit not longer works. In fact when we run the gksudo command we get the advice that gksu is not installed along with the command on how to install it. What is so wrong with that? The same situation applies in Saucy Salamander. If you know it should be there, then you will know how to get it there. You will be told how to get it there. You raise a trivial issue.

Thank you having such concern for our welfare that you had to search to find this forum just to give us your warning. You need not of troubled yourself. Had you looked around this forum a bit you would have seen the Ubuntu+1 section where the state of the development release is discussed openly all though the development cycle.

Regards to all Ubuntu+1 testers.