Title says it all. I'd like to move Window Control Butons (Close, Minimize, Maximize) buttons to the right. I have done so successfully for other apps, using the Unity tweak tool, but Thunderbird and Firefox are still on the launcher (top left). I have disabled the plug-ins/add-ons for both, yet still nothing after logging in out or even rebooting.

Or am I going to have to move away from unity? This is driving me nuts. This is not for myself, its for a relative that I've been assisting to run Linux for years (with the buttons on the right), and this is how she's used to it, now I can't find the damn setting to change it in 13.04.

Excuse me if this has been posted before. I did use the search, and I did Google for it. What I have succeeded in so far, came from Google, its just getting the buttons off the launcher that's eluding me.

Thanks in advance