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Thread: Sudo command doesn't work

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    Question Sudo command doesn't work

    Hi, when i try to use the sudo command it says

    /etc/sudoers: syntax error close to line 19
    interpretation errors in /etc/sudoers close to line 19
    no vaild sudoersource found, ending
    can not initialize extension module for policy

    translated from my langue to english
    can i get access to the /etc/sudoers file without the sudo command

    Please Help!

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    Re: Sudo command doesn't work

    It's fixable, you just need to boot to recovery mode. In practice, you need to always test the correctness of /etc/sudoers when editing it before closing it. One common way to do that is to edit it with visudo

    Now that you're in a hard spot, about your only option is to reboot into recovery mode and then fix /etc/sudoers If you haven't changed Grub then you can go in that way. Otherwise, you may have to use a Live DVD or CD.

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    Re: Sudo command doesn't work

    There's a default copy of /etc/sudoers here:

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    Re: Sudo command doesn't work

    Assuming that your user is in the admin or sudo group, you don't have to boot into recovery mode. You can use pkexec to run a command as another user:
    pkexec visudo

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