Hi everyone!
I hope there are some blender geeks around here to help me with this nasty problem. A few months ago, when I was using Sketchup, I made a laptop, which was/is good looking (note was a B+). But since my change to openSUSE (from Ubuntu Studio) does not work anymore, not a problem: now I have started to use Blender.
There I needed this laptop for something else, I imported it in Blender (DAE) and adjusted some minor things (mostly the textures). The only problem now is that some keys are somehow "linked" to a surface and I cannot separate them. I.e. when I change the color of the keys, the surface beneath them changes too. How can I get this fixed?

If you need the blender file for a better understanding: click

Thanks for your help!


P.S. what are the .blend1 and .blend2 files? Autosaves?