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Thread: accidentally lvremove /dev/mapper/mainserver-ub-vg-root!

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    accidentally lvremove /dev/mapper/mainserver-ub-vg-root!


    i've accidentally deleted/lvremove my primary /dev/mapper/mainserver-ub-vg-root partition. i cant boot my ubuntu-server anymore. i have been looking through the forums, internet and everywhere for half a day already but no luck. i've tried
    e2fsck /dev/sdb already and nothing happens...

    i think i have tried everything already, and now my current error message is "targeted file system doesnt have /sbin/init"

    i was installing a new hard disk to my dev-server. partitioned it, and added a storage pool, then a kernel panic happen after i created a new freebsd guest.. after that, i cant boot anymore and while trying every solution out in the internet, i could not find my mainserver-ub-vg partition anymore..

    please help, i have lots of projects and in that volume. i need to recover it soon.

    if there is any other way i could recover those files instead, if its impossible to fix this boot problem, please help!!.

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    Re: accidentally lvremove /dev/mapper/mainserver-ub-vg-root!

    I'm afraid you are screwed.
    Time to restore from the last backup you made.
    Sorry. Losing changes since the last backup sucks.

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