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Thread: Help booting xubuntu (12.04)

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    Help booting xubuntu (12.04)

    i actually switched laptod off
    myself, before this began
    popping on my screen. And i
    have only xubuntu installed in
    the laptop. (No dual boot) mount: mounting /dev/disk/by-
    a201878442ff on /root
    failed:invalid argument
    mount: mounting /dev on /root/
    dev failed: No such file or directory
    mount: mounting /sys on /root/
    sys failed: No such file or
    mount: mounting /proc on /root/
    proc failed: No such file or directory
    target filesystem doesn't have
    requested /sbin/init.
    No init found. Try passing init=
    bootarg. BusyBox v1.18.5 (ubuntu
    1:1.18.5-1ubuntu4.1) built-in shell
    Enter 'help' for a list of built-in
    comands. (iniframfs)
    now thats were am stuck, i've
    read other article were people
    have this same problem, it is
    usually caused by dual booting, but am not dual booting.
    And i have another problem my dvd/cd drive is busted and i
    can't boot from usb.
    All am asking is, is there
    anyway i can solve the issue
    without live cd?

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    Re: Help booting xubuntu (12.04)

    Can you get to a terminal or tty?

    If you can't, then I don't know what to tell you

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    Re: Help booting xubuntu (12.04)

    This sounds exactly like my problem. I am on ubuntu 12.04 and only have this stalled into my computer. Except the commands won't work or anything. I have a feeling this is a type of virus.

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    Re: Help booting xubuntu (12.04)

    how do i get to terminal? I switch my laptop on and loads like... Forever then drops me in the busybox.

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    Re: Help booting xubuntu (12.04)

    when i typed dmesg |tail
    this what i get
    [35.404915] Descriptor sense data with sense descriptors (in hex) :
    [35.404972] 72 03 11 00 00 00 0c 00 0a 80 00 00 00 00 00
    [35.405345] 01 05 a9 e4
    [35.405477] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] add. Sense: unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed
    [35.405572] sd 0:0:0:0 [sda] CDB: Read(10): 28 00 01 05 a9 68 00 00 f0 00
    [35.405870] end_request: I/0 error, dev sda, sector 17148388
    [35.405941] ata1: EH complete
    [35.406025] JDB2: Failed to read block at offset 13378
    [35.406079] JDB2 recovery failed
    [35.406116] EXT4-fs (sda1): error loading jornal
    please i need help


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