I am trying to use brasero in ubuntu 12.04 to burn a .mov file on a DVD so as to get a dvd which can be run on a dvd-player. It is to be noted that my dvd-player can run CD, DVD, MP3, sVCD, DVD+-R/RW, WMA, JPEG. This however does not mean that if a .mov file is burned on a CD then it can be run on the pleyer. It fails to run as I have seen already.

Thus I need to burn the .mov file on a DVD. This is the first time I am using brasero and have some confusions which are not cleared by consulting google search results.
1. What should the disc image type that Brasero will produce? options are: SVCD image/video DVD image/VCD image. Please explain briefly.

2.What should be video format? options: native/PAL/SECAM/NTSC.

3. What should be aspect ratio? 4:3 or 16:9?