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Thread: Multisystem LiveUSB MultiBoot using rEFIt, rEFInd mac boot manager not working.

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    Question Multisystem LiveUSB MultiBoot using rEFIt, rEFInd mac boot manager not working.

    Hello again Ubuntu forums. It's been a while.

    I've left it a while since I last tried to address this. Basically I am trying to run a live usb with multiple OS's on it, on my mac. My best experience of doing this on PC in terms of convenience, features and time usage came from the likes of LiveUSB MultiBoot from a french developer which now even has it's very own distribution! See link below:

    Now where I've hit a roadblock comes in the form of this. Although nowhere or anyone has ever claimed that Multisystem does work on Macs. When you run the app there is a link contained to rEFIt, rEFInd's predecessor.

    This link being there implies to me that it can be done or else why include a boot manager which is only for mac's in the first place.
    Please see below link to rEFInd:

    Now I expect that the more experienced of you among the forums will tell me to just use the Mac's default "diskutil" and "sudo dd" to create a mac bootable live USB. But please consider this. As far as I know you can't "sudo dd" more than one live OS to a flash drive with this method, am I correct?

    Secondly I would just prefer using Multisystem anyway because, I like it, I'm used to it and comes packed with features. Like the ability to add and remove live OS's / distro's whenever you like, without formatting!

    To finish. I would like you to note that after updating my mac rEFInd has stoping working altogether (doesn't show at boot) and I haven't yet got around to sorting it out. Also I e-mailed thedeveloper of rEFInd to ask whether or not it does in fact support Multisystem live USB's. However the ignorant or possibly very "busy" Mr. Roderick W. Smith never, ever responded!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, let's hope we can somehow move forward with it.

    - best regards

    - Mi11z
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