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Thread: Replace text in mysql dump file

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    Replace text in mysql dump file

    Hi everyone,
    I have a mysql dump file, which is a database of social wordpress blog. In it there are about 800 blogs that have been made, the company where I currently work change their domain, and they don't want to lose the blogs. what i need is changing the domain in that dump database. How to do the replacement domain with awk?

    how to do this with awk ?
    searching for the "old domain" and replace with a "new domain".

    i did it with notepad++ in windows before, but didn't work well.

    or maybe there's is the other way? the better way?


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    Re: Replace text in mysql dump file

    Actually you want to use sed:

    sed 's/old_domain/new_domain/g' < olddb.sql > newdb.sql
    If the domain is something like, "escape" the dot like this:

    sed 's/example\.com/' < ...
    The first entry is a regular expression, but the replacement text is just a string. I enclosed the command in single quotes to force bash to treat the whole thing as a literal.

    Make sure you have backups of the original dump before proceeding. Even though the procedure above will create a new file, it's always good to have backups just in case.
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