I have been trying to get my ati radeon hd 4650 card to work on boot up as it did when I inserted the liveCD.
Currently, it's booting to a black screen after grub selection. I found that using the 'nomodeset' option with grub allows me to boot normally, but uses vesa drivers instead of the radeon driver that was previously used during install. Vesa drivers don't output my screens native resolution, so I would like to try and use the radeon drivers that were working perfectly.
After looking at the Xorg.0.log log I found that the nomodeset option was forcing vesa instead of radeon. So what i would like to know is if there's another solution to the black screen it boots to when i choose to leave the 'quiet splash' option in place and boot normally.

I am running lubuntu 13.04.

Thank You.