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Thread: changing display name?! / intro i guess lol

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    changing display name?! / intro i guess lol

    sorry, it may just be because I dont have 10 posts, but I cant find how to change my display name? i used to have an account here, then I got a new computer and now that im still running ubuntu on my old computer, i felt like using it.

    I am boyo, (online alias ) and am a developer mainly with the python console. just for the fun of it, not really great at it or anything but i make my own little text games and such just for the fun of it, also make apps for other uses.. i develop mainly in python cuz its the most fun, but am certified in javascript, and have a computer programming degree (associates)

    knowing i usually work with the computer sort of makes me feel pretty dumb knowing i cant even figure out changing my profile name. I have tried changing my ubuntu1 account info, to no avail.. if anyone can help me that would be awesome!




    sorry this is the total wrong section *facepalm* can a mod move this please! thanks!!
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    Re: changing display name?! / intro i guess lol

    *sandyd picks up thread from Cafe
    *sandyd moves it to the Resolution Center
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    Re: changing display name?! / intro i guess lol

    The username (display name) is not one of the profile items that can be changed after 10 posts. An admin would need to do it for you.
    The usual reason for having another account created is that the email addresses don't match. That would be the case here... boyo used an account at**
    If you still have access to that account, you should make it your SSO primary email account. This account will need to be disassociated with your SSO account before you can link to boyo, but I'll wait to learn about the old email access.
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