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Thread: Issues with unity

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    Re: Issues with unity

    Quote Originally Posted by craig10x View Post
    Right....that isn't a panel you see on the left in is a DOCK (you know like the mac has....and actually what Xubuntu has by default, except theirs is on the bottom....Ubuntu's is hard coded to the left)...
    The Unity dock can be auto-hidden, reduced in size, and workspace switching added all by simple adjustments made in the APPEARANCE section of System Settings...

    There is only one panel and that is located at the top (like on the mac) actually it's all very Mac-Like...

    The idea is to put your favorite and most used apps on the Unity Dock (for quick 1 click access) and use the dash search (top button you see on the unity dock) for rarely used apps...
    Simple to use, can't do tons of customization but that isn't the idea here...If you don't like a "mac-like" interface...then use a different desktop environment...personally, i love it and so do many here...
    takes a little getting use to perhaps...but some don't have the patience...
    Actually, you can't compare Ubuntu with Mac.

    First off, on Mac there are none customization. On Ubuntu you can customize.
    The mac is unstable, there are lots of errors. On Ubuntu there are occasional errors, Ubuntu is very stable.
    If you buy a Mac, then you are stuck with the machine you bought. Mac is not upgradeable hardware wise. You can build your own machine and put Ubuntu on it. You can upgrade your hardware when you use Ubuntu.

    The only similarity is the "dock", and even that functions differently. In my opinion, Ubuntu has a much better "dock" than Mac.

    I have used Mac's, and there have been nothing but troubles with them. When a Mac is acting up, you can't fix the issues yourself. You have to use a very expensive Mac repair shop.

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    Re: Issues with unity

    @pompel9: I absolutely agree
    The main reason i made the mac comparison is because they both have docks, global menu top panels and search functions and the poster seemed a bit confused and thought unity was just another panel...and thought it was in the wrong location i guess

    Having had a mac for a year (before discovering and switching to linux) though i liked it better then windows for sure, i would say that i like ubuntu with unity a lot more...
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