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Thread: [Xubuntu] Upgraded to 13.04, too many glitches in 12.04

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    [Xubuntu] Upgraded to 13.04, too many glitches in 12.04

    I ran Xubuntu LTS for a few days and noticed a bunch of small bugs and hangs up that I did not notice in later versions of the OS. I have to give Ubuntu and Xubuntu a lot of credit for coming such a long way in just about the two years since the LTS was released. Things I noticed with the LTS where the slow opening of the folders on boot up due to the auto-mount network bug, problems with ext hard drives and not being able copy and paste files to them. And problems with virtual box being slow and unstable. I have not noticed any problems with the 13.04 version. And the GUI is much nicer in 13.04.

    I think I would much rather stay update then worry about reinstalling every 6-8 months.

    Has anyone els noticed the stability and smoothness improve a lot since the LTS version came out?
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    Re: [Xubuntu] Upgraded to 13.04, too many glitches in 12.04

    I am using Xubuntu 12.04 LTS since its release on my 9 years old Sony Viao laptop. I have not noticed any bugs. The OS boots in under a minute, folders open quickly and I have no problem to copy and paste to ext. HDD as you have. I cannot upgrade to 13.04 as my old single core CPU is not supported any longer starting with this version of Ubuntu. I am however so happy with 12.04 that I do not mind. These problems that you are experiencing may be related to some hardware issues? Anyway if you are happy with 13.04 and it works for you, then I am happy for you. I like the LTS versions, but I guess sooner or later I will have to buy me a new and more modern laptop to run the new releases.


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