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Thread: problems updating to 12.10

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    problems updating to 12.10

    hi, i tried updating to ubuntu 12.10 earlier, if failed, said that there was only a partial upgrade or something. i restarted and it wouldn't let me log into the desktop.
    i reinstalled ubuntu, and i really want to upgrade to 13.04, but i know i need to upgrade to 12.10 first.
    i don't want to lose everything that i downloaded and all my applications that i installed, but i do want to upgrade to 12.10 so i can upgrade again.
    would anyone be able to help me?

    i am very new with ubuntu, so sorry if i don't get what you are saying.

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    Re: problems updating to 12.10

    Well, is there any particular reason you want to update your system in the first place?
    To prevent data loss, you should back up your home-folder to some external resource, in case the update fails.
    For the update, you might simply want to follow this guide[1].

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    Re: problems updating to 12.10

    You can create a backup of your installed packages.

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    Re: problems updating to 12.10

    Quote Originally Posted by manoriax View Post there any particular reason you want to update your system in the first place?


    If you provide us with more background, we may be able to better help you. 12.04 is Long Term Support and is more stable for most users. It will also be supported to 2017 which is far longer than standard releases. Why do you feel you need 13.04? Is it some app that only runs on the latest?

    Unless you like catastrophe and pointless stress, you should backup all critical data before any sort of version upgrade. Otherwise, you upgrade at your own peril.

    Many users prefer a pristine install over a network upgrade so that we don't drag in all of our old configuration files and obsolete settings into our new install. You may wish to consider that alternative instead. If so, you should run a Live DVD/USB before installing to make sure that you like what you see and that the install will have a reasonable chance of success.

    Quote Originally Posted by ibjsb4 View Post
    You can create a backup of your installed packages...
    Thanks for the link to a valued but long-lost tip.


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