This is not a rant, I am true to my OS of choise. But, I wanted to vent a little and ask an honest question. I realize that Canonical is a business with a business model and so forth. But, why is it that after all this time of Linux evolving... we still can't do simple tasks like watching a DVD or play a popular game without having to spend 12 hours researching how to tweek this or that.

I am not ranting, but I am venting a little. I realize that a lot of "Linux users" are adept at coding and doing what they need to manipulate the OS, or software, to do whatever it is they need to do... but there is still a larger population of users that (like myself) lack that higher level of knowledge. So, my question is... is the reason that companies like Canonical or "whoever" has yet to make an OS that can actually do what the average user wants "out of the box" an issue of licensing? Or just being completely out of touch?

I would PAY money (and I realize that's completely opposite of the Linux ideal), but I would pay for a version of Ubuntu that I didnt have to spend 15 freaking hours trying to "adjust it" just to watch a freaking DVD.

Ok, flame away... but I needed to vent. I just spent a hour trying to.... never mind.