I have a very bizarre problem with ncmpcpp, and I don't normally post on forums, but no one seems to have this problem but me.

Basically, my setup is my laptop, with an external hard drive plugged in that has the music on it. Most of the time, everything works and I have no problems. But sometimes randomly, when I try playing a song, it won't play, but the time will go up and the progress bar will work as if it was. If I leave it, the time will go beyond the actual length of the song, and seemingly forever. If I change the volume in ncmpcpp while this is happening, it will pause the player. It is not possible to unpause it in this state, and the only way to change the state is to clear the playlist. At first I thought that the external hard drive somehow got unmounted or something to that effect, but I can still access the files on it and even play songs still with mplayer.

I've tried restarted mpd, doing music database updates, changing around the config. I'm desperate at this point, so any help in troubleshooting this problem is much appreciated.