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Thread: Account reset, username changed

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    Account reset, username changed

    I had set my email addresses the same and was using my old ID after the transition but today my username is changed and account is new.

    Old account:

    I'd like my account back please
    thanks in advance

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    Re: Account reset, username changed

    sorry for the dual threads
    the post page kind of froze, I made a small edit and I clicked it again and it posted twice

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    Re: Account reset, username changed

    The two accounts show different email addresses. Did you happen to create a new SSO account?
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    Re: Account reset, username changed

    perhaps I did
    I had an ubuntu one account before
    I don't know what sso is.
    I don't care about my ubuntu one account. If I have to lose it that's fine.
    I just want my ubuntu forums account back.

    I changed one email address to match but I can't remember if I changed the ubuntuforums one or ubuntu one.
    Sorry if this doesn't help. let me know if I can offer anything else

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    Re: Account reset, username changed

    You used alteahandle-galactus as the name in the finny388 account, and alteahandle-launchpad for the account you are posting with. You need to set the Ubuntu One (Single Sign On) preferred email address to the first one, in order to access your original account.

    I have disassociated your current account from SSO, so once you set the correct Ubuntu One preferred email address you should be able to access the finny388 account.


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