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Thread: E-mail address in forum profile settings - cannot change

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    E-mail address in forum profile settings - cannot change

    Now I got my old account back - thanks for that!

    However I am stuck with a new problem - when I want to change e-mail address of my forum account, then I have to enter the "current password" - a thing, that just dont work. Password from SSO login is regarded as incorrect and so is the password of the old account. Without this changing the e-mail address on forum profile is not possible.

    There might be some problem with forum code demanding the password, but no way to handling it with changed login authentication system?

    Question: are all subscriptions and notifications sent to e-mail address, which is saved in forum profile settings (the one, that I cannot change for now) or is the address "picked up" from SSO login authentication and address setting in forum profile should be disregarded?

    If the case is former, then I need some solution to be able to change this setting.

    If it is the latter, then it is just the thing, that should be changed in forum code to get password and e-mail setting page out of the forum user profile page, because these are handled elsewhere - at least password settings are anyway.

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    Re: E-mail address in forum profile settings - cannot change

    Yes, there is a bug in the current setup that requires you to know the randomized password to change parts of your profile. While it's being resolved, an admin should be able to assist with your problem. If you don't wish to post the email address (certainly understandable), you may PM me with the information, and I will change it for you.
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