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Thread: built-in screen capture NOT possible for flipped open menus?

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    built-in screen capture NOT possible for flipped open menus?

    I booted Ubuntu from a LiveCD (which contains some additional special software).

    When I click now in the booted Ubuntu on menues like 'keyboard layout' or 'Wireless setup' or others in dialog windows then the menus open as "normal". Fine so far.

    Then I pressed the "print" key on my keyboard in order to get a full screen capture WITH the opened menu.

    Much to my surprise this is NOT possible with the built-in default screen capture tool.

    Is there an option (where exactly?) which turns on "capture flipped open menus as well"?

    Or do I have to use an more advanced, additional (which ?) screen capture utility?

    This tool should be as simple as possible and startable from USB stick (remember: I cannot permanently add a tool on my read-only CD).

    Thank you

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    Re: built-in screen capture NOT possible for flipped open menus?

    What you want is not even possible in the way you want in the installed ubuntu, as far as I'm aware.

    To do this and show opened menus etc etc you need to go to the screenshot application from the menu or dash, I presume, but I don't use unity so I'm not sure how you find it. From there choose to take a screenshot with a delay of a few seconds which will give you time to open up the menu, or whatever you want, and it will then be seen in the image taken.

    See my screenshot to prove it can be done.
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    Re: built-in screen capture NOT possible for flipped open menus?

    Thanks for reminding me.
    I took a few screenshots during my install of Saucy. I do not normally use Unity but was able to open dash (or whatever it is) and search for screenshot. Then I took several shots during install.
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