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Thread: .ecryptfs takes up 66.1 GB!

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    Question .ecryptfs takes up 66.1 GB!

    Hi guys,
    I recently Disk Usage Analyzer'd my /, to find that a whopping 66.1 GB is being used just for .ecryptfs. As I want a copy of my OS to run on an external hard drive, this is disturbing news. As I understand it, ecryptfs is just for encryption of my home folder, so it is completely unreasonable for it to take up more than several megabytes at most, for a signature page, as far as I know. Do I really have to give up upwards of 60 GB to have an encrypted home folder? How do I fix this?

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    Re: .ecryptfs takes up 66.1 GB!

    It appears that you have over 60G of "stuff" in your HOME. Look from there down to find it all.

    The /home/.encryptfs/ folder is where all the real files are stored, encrypted. When you (or other users) login, a virtual file system is mounted using your login credentials and mounted to $HOME/.Private ... which appears as your HOME to you and I. The days of "take up more than several megabytes at most" are long gone for most people. Browser plugins, caching, video downloads, music, all eat up storage. Using a tool like Miro will suck storage without any though ... until the partition is full.

    If the use isn't in your directory, are their other userids?

    Or perhaps you've found a bug, that is fairly unlikely, but it could be.

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    Re: .ecryptfs takes up 66.1 GB!

    Oh. Yeah, I definitely have 60 gigs' worth of files in my home folder. Didn't know .encryptfs is where the real files are stored. So the home folder is just a link/doesn't take any actual space? (Also, how do I mark the thread as solved?)--[edit: just read your footer, nevermind!]

    Thanks [edit: again], TheFu!

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