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Thread: I Cannot print on Dell 2155CDN

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    I Cannot print on Dell 2155CDN


    In my company we have bought this printer. My surprise has came when I have tried to print with Ubuntu 12.04 x64 (Lucid). I get this error on cups error_log:

    Calling FindDeviceById(Dell-Dell-2155cdn-Color-MFP)
    D [03/Oct/2013:11:10:30 +0200] [Job 10] Failed to send: org.freedesktop.ColorManager.Failed:device id 'Dell-Dell-2155cdn-Color-MFP' does not exists
    D [03/Oct/2013:11:10:30 +0200] [Job 10] Failed to get profile filename!
    I [03/Oct/2013:11:10:30 +0200] [Job 10] no profiles specified in PPD

    Dell provides Linux drivers with a PPD file inside. I'have upload a zip file on this topic.

    Also, I have called Dell and they doesn't give support to Linux OS... it's too sad.

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