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Thread: USB modem (zte mf 190 s)

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    Question USB modem (zte mf 190 s)

    Ubuntu can't read the USB as modem always read it as storage device only to use it as modem i should log into windows and connect the modem then restart to be read on Ubuntu as modem what's the wrong??

    i think there is no help here as usual but i just try

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    Re: USB modem (zte mf 190 s)

    I`ve the same problem with zte 190s and it come by luck when i do ubdate for the modem
    so if you`d like zte 190s work in ubuntu you`ll reset it so first do coby for the 190s dashboard to get buck if you`ll use mac or windows but you`ll not need it for ubuntu after reset it work like modem well not read the SDcard
    if it work with windows you have icon for update ? if yuo have it try it you`il get file "MF190S Update.exe" take off the SDcard and SIMcard too and run it in 31% will not run more and will stop. try to close the update.exe program remove it and but in ubuntu and go to network manager , edit connictio , mobile broadband , ....

    that the link for my mobile sim you can use it you`ll download from

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    Re: USB modem (zte mf 190 s)

    So Medo you get it or no
    any way
    use any win to get install to the softwear what it comes with the usb
    then remove the sin card and the sdcard to
    then replog it with windows
    download your model from the list
    then start the updater to the usb in 31% it`ll stoped work after 10min. cancel the update and remove it the usb

    G O U B U N T U B A C K

    Network manager on the top of the panl
    go to edit connictions
    mobile broadband then press add
    in the new window contine country
    chosse your previder
    Network manager
    mark connect automatically
    and go surf the internet

    that i do it with ZTE MF190S

    i hope it`ll work with you and tell me


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