Hello everybody,

I am wondering why my laptop does run so hot. It's now at about 77 °C even though I only watch a video on Netflix and have a browsser window open. When the laptop is idle, it's at about 65 °C, which is, ion my opinion, still rather hot. Here are some specs:

I am using a HP Pavilion g6-1336eg, AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon HD 6520G + 7450M Dual Graphics.

While using the open source driver, my idle temperature was at about 80 °C, so I installed the fglrx driver from the Ubuntu repos. Temperature was about the same as it is now, but the driver didn't recognize both graphics adaptors, which was a problem, as I need them both. So I went along and installed the flgrx stable driver from the AMD website, which recognized both adapters but then the laptop was very hot again. Now I am using the latest fglrx beta driver, which recognizes both adapters and lets the laptop run cooler than before. But still, I find that >60 °C on idle is a bit much, isn't it?

So, does anybody know whether there is a way to improve anything so that the temperatures go down? I am already using Jupiter and the hardware itself is clean (physically).