Re: email address: <maria.korotkov at>"

I'm running Ultimate Edition (Ubuntu 12.04) In this fresh new OS install.. Last night I ran "Ubuntu add software" to add the software "passwords and keys".. Today I decided out of the blue to take a look at that program.. I just found in my "passwords & keys" file , "maria.korotkov at", Action: "encrypt files and email to that address"..
Did that spyware come in with the program, or was it hacked into my computer's OS by blackers..?
What do you find when you run that program..? Are there other ways to check for that type of action happening in a Linux OS..?

Me thinks maybe that email address: "maria.korotkov at", is "North American Intel running toxic spoof IP's via Denmark"..
Is Denmark known for being a regulation-free zone that violent narcissistic psychopaths can exploit to invade peoples privates, and steal data..?

What do you people know about that email address..?
How many others would find that address active in their passwords & keys file..?
What does ole "denmark maria" want with my files anyway..?