Hey guys

Whilst I was absent, a VERY thought-provoking thread which I started, was "locked" because a couple of people had a **mild** to-and-fro disagreement about the finer points of why people ask questions, and why people reply.

In my humble view, I feel that possibly this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2177457&page=5

... may have been better served, by having those involved in the cause of it having been locked, being warned. It seems slightly heavy-handed to just breeze past and lock it, merely because a *couple* of people disagreed. Forget their disagreement - the thread had almost 1,000 views in THREE days - and was very thought provoking and was a "not of the norm kind of thread - one which makes your mind work a little harder than usually is the case.

I digress - please, in all fairness, would you consider UN-locking for those who are looking into deeper thought regarding my OP subject?

Thank you, have a lovely day or night