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Thread: Basic scripting/cron jobs

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    Basic scripting/cron jobs


    I'm trying to learn how to set up a cron jobs or scripts that automates some stuff for me. Does anyone know of a good site for learning more about how to create your own cron jobs and scripts? I've been googling quite a bit, but can only find ultra-specific howtos, like rsync stuff.

    Cron job 1:
    Video files converting:
    1) Monitor /folder1 for videofiles
    2) Using ffmpeg or mencoder to convert the files to stereo audio and 480p
    3) Move the converted files to /folder2

    Cron job 2:
    Delete non-mp3 files
    1) Monitor /folder3 for non-mp3 files
    2) Delete them

    1) Let user select working folder
    2) Let user write what should be removed from filename of all files within folder

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    Re: Basic scripting/cron jobs

    Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums

    Search the internet for cron tutorial or crontab tutorial

    Shortcut: start checking these links

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    Re: Basic scripting/cron jobs

    cron just runs whatever program(s) you point it at so you could really just look for basic shell scripting guides.

    About script #1, you might consider using inotify and incron instead of cron. inotify watches a specific directory or file and runs a script when the watched item changes rather than at a preset time.

    About script #2, that can also be done with incron. But the action of the script can be done with find -- if the MP3 files are all named in a uniquely identifiable way, such as ending in .mp3

    Get the scripts working manually then move them over to cron or incron.


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